My experience with Webster Bank has been disappointing for many reasons. They offer free checking accounts but charge excessive fees for over drwan account for example, they charged me $37 repeatedly for an overdrwaing the account by $1-2 dollars.

I reviewed my service charges and found out that they exceed charges for other banks even with offering what's called free checking( It's a trap).

Applying for loands there is very frustrating because they seem to have one answer fits all NO. Do not give Webster Bank any business, or if you do watch your transactions carefully and make sure you report any excessive charges to authorities.

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This is exactly why I got out of webster and switched to credit union. Why you ask?

Research them and find out. Webster does a lot of shady things when it comes to money. Of course they will not admit it, that's how they are. If you ask me, get rid of webster all together!!

You'll be better off! As of this saturday, I will offically be out of webster forever and credit union will now be my new home! Good riddance to webster!! Call me crazy, but I believe you should be able to keep your money.

No matter if you have $5 or $5,000,000 in your account!! Now, you have to have a $1,000 balance in your checking account in order not to get charged any fees? Are you kidding me!? The way the economy is, do you really expect a lot of people to maintain that balance?

Come on now, let's be realistic. Like I said, shady. Switch to credit union. All you need is a savings account balance of $25 to not get charged any fees.

You checking account is free!! FREE!! No balance required!!

You'll be better off in the end. Trust me.


if you didnt overdraw your account, you wouldnt get fees. the end! :grin

to me Wallingford, Connecticut, United States #666200

Where did the OP say (s(he overdrew the account. THESE are SEVICE fees that the OP is talking about!!


Why would you reapeatedly over draw your account, isn,t once enough?

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